2010 Guide to Illinois Statutes for Attorneys’ Fees (Fastbook)

Illinois State Bar Association asserts:

The new edition of this handy book lists provisions in the Illinois Compiled Statutes that authorize the court to order one party to pay the attorney fees of another.  No matter what your practice area, this book will save you time – and could save you money!

Hard copy:

*includes tax and shipping

Electronic copy:

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Recommended reading for all women lawyers

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The Woman Advocate, Second Edition

Abbe F. Fletman and Evelyn R. Storch, Editors

According to the Illinois State Bar Association,

The Woman Advocate is by women advocates for woman advocates. It contains first-hand accounts by successful women lawyers of their experiences at all stages of career development. In the four parts of the book—Where We Are; How We Got There; What Our Environment Is Like; and Where We’re Going—the contributors provide reflections, advice, guidance, and, of course, “war stories” in lively, entertaining and insightful prose.

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How to Register for Admission in the Northern District of Illinois

If you want to practice in federal court, you need more than your state bar admission. Below are the instructions for filling out the Northern District of Illinois General Bar Admission.

1. General Instructions

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.968260&w=425&h=350&fv=]

2.Online application form (recommended)

3. ARDC Authorization and Waiver form.

4. Final Steps form for aggregating all the required content.

5. Do not forget the $150 payment


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Abraham Lincoln said, “Write your decree before you go to Court.” Attorneys should write their proposed Agreement or Order before they attend a mediation or a court hearing and then take their computer equipment with them to revise and print the document on site and obtain signatures of approval before departing.

Source: Mark Chin’s Family Law Blog

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From billing inquiries to law firm names–here’s the top 10 Ethical Questions posed by new attorneys.

Question #1: Responsibilities of a Subordinate Lawyer
Question #2: Hourly Billing
Question #3: Multi or Cross-Jurisdictional Practice
Question #4: Business Transactions with Clients
Question #5: Firm Names and Letterheads
Question #6: Duty to Report Lawyer Misconduct
Question #7: Law Firm Dissolution or Departure
Question #8: Advertising: Targeted Mailing Solicitation
Question #9: Referral Fees
Question #10: Serving As Director and As Lawyer for a Corporation

Source: iardc.org

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6 Lessons for Lawyers Looking to Leave BigLaw (#LawJobChat No. 1 – 6/24/10)The 6Ps of the BIG 3™

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Overworked, under-appreciated, and stressed out? Enter the world of Big Law.
If you’re thinking about abandoning ship, here’s 6 things to think about:
  1. Save. If you are practicing in BigLaw, start saving money now–even if you aren’t currently planning to leave.
  2. Wait. Do not leave BigLaw until you know where you want to go.� Don’t leave just for the sake of leaving.
  3. Plan. If you want to leave BigLaw, you need a plan.� Talk to people who are doing what you want to do.� Establish a time-line.
  4. Volunteer. If you want to leave the practice of law completely, you need some non-legal experience on your resume.�� Volunteer work is one of the best ways to get non-legal experience.� Serve on committees, plan events.
  5. Learn. Learn how to read a financial statement before you leave BigLaw.
  6. Understand. Life after BigLaw is not easier.� You will likely work harder and longer hours–the difference is that you are doing something you love and control.

To view the entire transcript, click here.

via The 6Ps of the BIG 3™.