Why lawyers should be on Facebook

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Avoiding Facebook? This insightful article by Lawyerist explains why a Facebook account is essential for practicing law today.

Lawyers who are not on Facebook are missing out on critical opportunities to network for referrals, research defendants and potential jury members, market their law firms, and vet potential legal hires and current associates.

For those lawyers who still need persuading, here, in no specific order, are the top six reasons why lawyers should be on Facebook:

  1. Facebook can bring you referrals and clients by helping you to reconnect with old classmates, colleagues, and friends through direct contact both formal (messages) and informal (wall posts), events, and interest groups

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How to Identify If You Are Tweeting With a Lawyer | Social Media Law Student

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1. “I need more than 140 characters.”

2. “Have you checked out my legal blog?”

3. #ilta09 #techshow #getalife #legalrebels #lma

4. “I’m a thought leader.”

5. “I was the first social media lawyer expert guru. Have you read my book?”

6. “I usually don’t follow the first night but for you I’ll make an exception to the rule.”

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Social Media and the Legal Profession

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Social Media and the Legal Profession