Top 20 IPad/IPhone Apps to Revolutionize your Practice

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Here are 20 great iPhone or iPad Applications that you needed yesterday.

My favorites:

  • FileViewer app lets you access, organize, and send files straight from your iphone.
  • ScanBizCards– Throw out your Rolodex. The ScanBizCards app scans business cards, and sends the contact information to your address book. Store business cards on your phone to keep you’re your contacts within reach.
  • oDesk– Revolutionize your approach to HR. Use the oDesk app to hire and manage talented freelancers to help you keep your business running strong. Hire the staff you need, monitor workflow, and submit payments directly from your iPad or iPhone.

For the rest click here.

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How to Register for Admission in the Northern District of Illinois

If you want to practice in federal court, you need more than your state bar admission. Below are the instructions for filling out the Northern District of Illinois General Bar Admission.

1. General Instructions

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.968260&w=425&h=350&fv=]

2.Online application form (recommended)

3. ARDC Authorization and Waiver form.

4. Final Steps form for aggregating all the required content.

5. Do not forget the $150 payment

Lawyer Sues for $700K After His Arrest for Failing to Show ID in Courthouse

A Maryland lawyer in a hurry to file some briefs decided to take a stand when an officer at the appeals court in Annapolis asked to see his ID.

Norman Christopher Usiak refused, the Baltimore Sun reports. His resulting arrest spurred Usiak to file a $700,000 lawsuit claiming false arrest, false imprisonment and assault.

Moral of the story, just show your damn ID.

Read the rest of the absurd story here.

Use cross-exam to get their witness to agree to your version of the case

Simple English

Stop trying to talk like lawyers. The problem with legalese is that it does not command instant understanding by ordinary people. That means it automatically makes us poor communicators—and communicating is what we’re supposed to be doing for a living. It’s a bad habit that most lawyers never shake. So start talking like real people again now.

Click here for the full article on how to speak like a human again!


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Abraham Lincoln said, “Write your decree before you go to Court.” Attorneys should write their proposed Agreement or Order before they attend a mediation or a court hearing and then take their computer equipment with them to revise and print the document on site and obtain signatures of approval before departing.

Source: Mark Chin’s Family Law Blog

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From billing inquiries to law firm names–here’s the top 10 Ethical Questions posed by new attorneys.

Question #1: Responsibilities of a Subordinate Lawyer
Question #2: Hourly Billing
Question #3: Multi or Cross-Jurisdictional Practice
Question #4: Business Transactions with Clients
Question #5: Firm Names and Letterheads
Question #6: Duty to Report Lawyer Misconduct
Question #7: Law Firm Dissolution or Departure
Question #8: Advertising: Targeted Mailing Solicitation
Question #9: Referral Fees
Question #10: Serving As Director and As Lawyer for a Corporation


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Elance Blog: 6 Painless Ways to Boost Your Productivity as a Freelancer

Elance Blog: 6 Painless Ways to Boost Your Productivity as a Freelancer.

I love working from home. The flexibility to take my lunch break whenever I want, visit the gym when it’s not crowded or walk my dog when I need to clear my mind…

You just can’t put a price on that!

But with that flexibility comes temptation. The temptation to watch a bit of TV (which turns into a two-hour break). Eat a snack and call a friend about last night’s football game. Take a nap. Go shopping. Name your weakness.

How can you become more productive? Here are six simple and easy-to-implement tips that have helped me boost my productivity by more than 30 percent over the last two years. I guarantee that you’ll get similar (or even better) results if you apply them.