Common Credit Card Mistakes With IOLTA

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There are some things you MUST KNOW before offering clients the option to make cost and fee deposits into your trust account via credit card.

And the fact of the matter is the way most State Bars are organized the “Member Benefits” department doesn’t usually know what the Bar Rules Department has to say on this important subject.  So it’s no surprise how many times I’ve gone into a law firm that’s using a Member Benefits Merchant Service Provider that’s NOT BAR RULES COMPLIANT.  How many times?  Lots of times!!!

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5 Ways to Use Google Voice for Your Law Firm

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Different ways to use Google Voice for your Law Firm:
  1. Search and Prioritize Your Calls
  2. Use Different Rules and Greetings for Different Contacts
  3. Share Calls with Your Assistant or Partner
  4. Set Up Shop Anywhere, or Nowhere At All
  5. Specify When and Where You Want to Receive Calls

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Lawyer Sues for $700K After His Arrest for Failing to Show ID in Courthouse

A Maryland lawyer in a hurry to file some briefs decided to take a stand when an officer at the appeals court in Annapolis asked to see his ID.

Norman Christopher Usiak refused, the Baltimore Sun reports. His resulting arrest spurred Usiak to file a $700,000 lawsuit claiming false arrest, false imprisonment and assault.

Moral of the story, just show your damn ID.

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Use cross-exam to get their witness to agree to your version of the case

Simple English

Stop trying to talk like lawyers. The problem with legalese is that it does not command instant understanding by ordinary people. That means it automatically makes us poor communicators—and communicating is what we’re supposed to be doing for a living. It’s a bad habit that most lawyers never shake. So start talking like real people again now.

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Abraham Lincoln said, “Write your decree before you go to Court.” Attorneys should write their proposed Agreement or Order before they attend a mediation or a court hearing and then take their computer equipment with them to revise and print the document on site and obtain signatures of approval before departing.

Source: Mark Chin’s Family Law Blog

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11 Ways to Irritate your Clients and How to Avoid it

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Managing multiple clients and your own life is tricky. The last thing you need is an ARDC complaint from an unhappy client. In ABA Books Briefs Blog , “law practice management experts Reid F. Trautz and Dan Pinnington” unearth the top client complaints. This post is an excerpt from their book, The Busy Lawyer’s Guide to Success. “Make sure you appreciate how your words, actions or inactions can annoy or even distress your clients,” they write.

Top client gripes include:

  1. Not returning phone calls or replying to e-mails –establish open methods of communication from early on in the attorney-client relationship
  2. Making clients wait in reception
  3. Ignoring client-staff incivility
  4. Dropping names to impress others
  5. Not clarifying for the client –Legalease is the worst
  6. Not delivering on promises of performance – be realistic about what your role is and what you could do for the client
  7. Not delivering on a promised outcome – do not make promises that you cannot keep
  8. Not communicating during long periods of inactivity –keep your client informed on the status of the case.
  9. Failing to be prepared
  10. Sending a very large bill without warning or preparation – be transparent and break down everything in an easy-to-understand manner.

Commit any of these cardinal sins? What to do for damage control? Reid and Trautz suggest that you “Acknowlege it to [clients], sincerely apologize and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

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