Top 20 IPad/IPhone Apps to Revolutionize your Practice

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Here are 20 great iPhone or iPad Applications that you needed yesterday.

My favorites:

  • FileViewer app lets you access, organize, and send files straight from your iphone.
  • ScanBizCards– Throw out your Rolodex. The ScanBizCards app scans business cards, and sends the contact information to your address book. Store business cards on your phone to keep you’re your contacts within reach.
  • oDesk– Revolutionize your approach to HR. Use the oDesk app to hire and manage talented freelancers to help you keep your business running strong. Hire the staff you need, monitor workflow, and submit payments directly from your iPad or iPhone.

For the rest click here.

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Search Terms in Federal Litigation

Discussion of Federal cases regarding key word searchers under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Rule 34.

5 Helpful iPhone Apps for the Office – Business iPhone Apps –

5 Helpful iPhone Apps for the Office – Business iPhone Apps –

Ways for Attorneys to Use Social Media for Optimum Performance

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Social Media and the Legal Profession

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Social Media and the Legal Profession

Technology and the Law–the 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room

While many of you may be cringing at the idea of becoming more tech-savvy, the evidence is increasingly clear that tech-savvy attorneys will fare better than their non-tech savvy counterparts. When I went to the ABA Tech Show last weekend, I heard a great speech by Ari Kaplan which discusses this trend. Watch it below:

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