6 Lessons for Lawyers Looking to Leave BigLaw (#LawJobChat No. 1 – 6/24/10)The 6Ps of the BIG 3™

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Overworked, under-appreciated, and stressed out? Enter the world of Big Law.
If you’re thinking about abandoning ship, here’s 6 things to think about:
  1. Save. If you are practicing in BigLaw, start saving money now–even if you aren’t currently planning to leave.
  2. Wait. Do not leave BigLaw until you know where you want to go.� Don’t leave just for the sake of leaving.
  3. Plan. If you want to leave BigLaw, you need a plan.� Talk to people who are doing what you want to do.� Establish a time-line.
  4. Volunteer. If you want to leave the practice of law completely, you need some non-legal experience on your resume.�� Volunteer work is one of the best ways to get non-legal experience.� Serve on committees, plan events.
  5. Learn. Learn how to read a financial statement before you leave BigLaw.
  6. Understand. Life after BigLaw is not easier.� You will likely work harder and longer hours–the difference is that you are doing something you love and control.

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via The 6Ps of the BIG 3™.


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